Mediation is a structured conversation where the parties to a dispute or conflict can talk to each other and find their own solutions.

The purpose of mediation is not to determine who is “right” and who is “wrong,” but rather to provide a structured, protective and confidential environment where parties can talk openly about solutions without fearing that what they say or what they may be willing to consider as an agreement will be used against them should a court proceeding become necessary.

Mediators are neutral third parties trained to facilitate communication and help parties stay focused on resolution of disputed topics. A mediator is also bound by confidentiality to protect a candid and open process. A mediator has no stake in how the situation is resolved but rather is trained in part to help frame topics in a constructive manner, ask questions to promote discussions and seek the parties’ suggestions on ways to resolve their sources of disagreement. A skilled mediator can help facilitate agreements by achieving one of the most important goals of mediation: to have the parties listen to one another.

In her mediation practice, Liz Pierce provides parties with the benefit of her years of experience as a family law attorney. While her mediator role is that of a neutral, her knowledge of family law can help guide discussions between the parties on a variety of topics. Most importantly, Liz Pierce understands that mediated solutions reached by the parties are more likely to provide parties and children with a blueprint to move forward positively rather than focusing on past sources of pain and disappointment. Any dispute or conflict can be mediated.

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